Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gas Main Burst

A major gas main on 4th and Elm Street burst at 2am this morning. A series of explosions woke the area and fire continues to burn at this hour.
Fire and police were immediately called onto the scene and families in the vicinity were evacuted for their safety. John Cziewitz, a local resident, described the series of explosions as sounding and feeling like a bomb had gone off. The cause of the burst and explosions are unknown at this time, though fire marshals will begin an investigation once the area is under control.

Frogs Fall from the Sky

In a bizarre twist of events, it has been reported that frogs fell from the sky during the most recent rain storm within Rockingham County. Cases of simialr events have been reported in the past, but nothing recently. One twist is a local resident, Herman Delon, had been "foretelling" that just such an occurance would happen within this month.